MYT Consultants and its staff have provided direct and indirect services to several blue chip organisation, large enterprises and SMBs such as...

  • Unilever

  • Barclays

  • moneysupermarket.com

  • Reed Professional Services

  • Parity ICT and Parity Medical

  • National Health Service

  • Local Primary Trusts

  • Local Government and Business Link

  • Several regional small and medium enterprises

 Just some of the practical phones you could choose for your business...

Nokia 6303
Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 Sony Ericsson G502
Nokia 6303 Samsung Solid Extreme B2100 Sony Ericsson G502
The Nokia 6303's bi, clear screen is perfect for reading emails and browsing the web. With Nokia Maps built in, you'll find your way easily. And its impressive battery life means you can keep working for longer. Designed to take hard knocks in tough environments, the Samsung Solid Extreme is dust, shock and water resistant. It also makes sure you can hear callers in the noisiest locations. The Sony Ericsson G502 is packed with business features – from fast, secure email and internet access to an easy fit car kit that lets you take calls without taking your hands off the wheel.