Business Solutions & ICT Services Section Launched

My Telecoms, the UK-based mobile phone retailer, has launched a new Business Solutions section on its website.

The new section offers businesses a selection of products which include business mobile phone contracts, business broadband, and business telecommunications including IP telephony and unified messaging.

The section also provides details of the services which My Telecoms offers to businesses, including infrastructure consultancy, design and architecture, engineering and support.

Managing Director, Chris Baird ,said, “The new business section on our website really allows us to show that we mean business.”

“We now have a wide range of products and services available on our website for both retail and business customers”, Baird continues.

For more information on business solutions offered by My Telecoms, click here…

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Mobile Phone Ringtones and Games Section Launched

Mobile Phone RingtonesA brand new Mobile Phone Ringtones and Games section has been launched on the My Telecoms website!

This exciting new section compliments our large mobile phone supersite, by bringing mobile phone users quick and easy access to mobile ringtones, games, videos, backgrounds, wallpapers, themes, software and animations. Simply browse, search or select what you want, play a preview if it’s available, and then have it sent directly to your mobile. No cables, no PC linking and no software required!

Our ringtones include the most popular chart music, as well as TV tunes and voices, funny clips, lots of music genres, and much more. We are confident that we have one of the largest selections on the Internet, with over 150,000 ringtones, realtones and other downloadable products for all makes and models of mobile phones.

Click here to visit our Ringtones & Games section now…

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Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World

So you’ve already read our features on the luxury treatment given to the iPhone and the Blackberry Bold. Then we brought you our top 10 touchscreen phones of 2009. Now we bring you another great mobile phones top 10 list… The top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world!

This list contains the finest in luxury and style, with mobile phones dripping in diamonds, emeralds, rubies and of course gold and platinum. You’ll see the top choice celebrity mobile phones, as well as be given links to some of our own affordable luxury mobile phones which we’ve teamed up with to bring you.

Let’s not waste any time… Here is the list of the world’s top 10 most expensive mobiles:


1. iPhone Supreme (£1.7 million)

iPhone Supreme

The world’s most expensive mobile phone was unveiled in Britain during November 2009.

It is a  gold iPhone which is encrusted with almost 200 diamonds. The casing of the exclusive iPhone 3GS Supreme has been crafted using 271 grams of 22 carat solid gold.

The front bezel houses 136 flawless diamonds totaling a massive 68 carats, whilst the Apple logo on the back is made from another 53 diamonds.  The front navigation button is even made from a single 5 carat diamond.

Designer Stuart Hughes, from Merseyside, took 10 months to make the phone after it was commissioned by an anonymous Australian businessman. The phone comes in a special 7kg chest made from a single block of granite and Kashmir gold with a Nubuck leather lining.

Recommended Alternative:


2. GoldVish Le Million (£700,000)
GoldVish Le Million

This GoldVish Le Million is the world’s second most expensive mobile, with a price tag of £700,000.

The unusually shaped handset is made out of 18 carat white gold, and features 1,800 diamonds which total an amazing 120 carats.

A Russian businessman bought Le Million for his wife, at a luxury goods fair in Cannes, France. 


3. GoldVish Pieces Unique (£695,000)

GoldVish Pieces Unique
There are only said to be three of these outstanding mobiles in the world, with one which we know of being sold to a Russian Businessman.

Made with 18 carat gold and set with top quality diamonds, it has Bluetooth, 2 GB Memory, 8x zoom digital camera and a worldwide FM radio. 









4. Diamond Crypto Smartphone (£595,000)
Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone is quoted as the world’s fourth most expensive mobile phone.

Russian firm, JSC Ancort, has developed a Windows-based smartphone ready for Peter Aloisson’s (the designer of the phone) bejeweling that employs “powerful encryption technology” to “provide secure protection of information against kidnapping, technological blackmail, financial racketeers and corrupted state officials” . This security feature is really essential since every thief will certainly wish to have one of these.




5. Vertu Cobra (£170,000)
Bucheron for Vertu Cobra

The Vertu Cobra is the fifth most expensive mobile phone on the planet.

Parisian jeweler, House of Bucheron, linked up with Nokia subsidiary Vertu on this limited-edition series of eight Cobra phones, which include a 2 carat pear-cut diamond, a 1 carat round diamond, two emerald eyes and 439 rubies totaling 21 carats.

Vertu phones also link up to a special concierge service with information about travel, entertainment, restaurants and events.




Recommended Alternative:


6. VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone (£160,000)
VIPN Black Diamond Smartphone

At £160,000, the Black Diamond Smartphone holds the sixth place in the list.

It is a Quad-band phone with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, an Intel 400Mhz processor running Windows Bobile, a 4 megapixel camera and a 2-inch touch sensitive screen. It also comes with an internal memory of 128MB and a 2GB SD card for external storage.

The designer, Jaren Goh, has used some pretty impressive materials for the build, featuring titane with polycarbonate, mirror-finish cladding and diamonds.


7. Vertu Diamond (£47,500)
Vertu Diamond

Another Vertu phone with tiny diamonds dotted all over holds the seventh place in the list.

The phone’s body is constructed from the finest platinum, underpinned with ruby bearings and equipped with a similar ceramic composition, originally intended for the space shuttle.

Only 200 such phones will be sold in jewellery and department stores worldwide. 








8. Motorola V220 Special Edition (£28,000)
Motorola V220 Special Edition

Motorola has also shown its presence in this luxury phone market with the V220, which lies in 8th position.

Austrian designer, Peter Aloisson, has taken a standard Motorola and studded it with 1,200 diamonds and added a keyboard inlaid with 18 carat gold. A wonderful looking phone, well suited to WAGs and actresses in our opinion!


9. Amosu Diamond iPhone (£22,000)
Amosu Diamond iPhone

The Amosu Diamond iPhone, which comes in 9th place, boasts an impressive 420 diamonds at a total weight of 5.65 carats, set in 18K white or yellow gold.

It can also be ordered in white, black or pink sapphires. The phone, manufactured in the UK by Amosu, costs a staggering £22,000.

Recommended Alternative:


10. Gresso Black Aura (£7,000)
Gresso Black Aura

Gresso boastfully claims that its Black Aura mobile phones are 200 years old – due to the age of the African Blackwood on each phone’s case!

The Black Aura collection ranges from £3,500 to £7,000, with the most expensive featuring an 18-carat gold front panel.


If you like what you’ve seen in our list of the top 10 most expensive mobile phones in the world, and you want to know how you can have something as stylish as the mobile phones in this feature but for a fraction of the cost, then check out our Luxury Mobile Phones section on our website. We hope you enjoyed this feature.

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HTC HD Mini: mini phone, massive features

There’s a new HTC smartphone joining the HTC Legend and HTC Desire as the latest and greatest handsets from the Taiwanese technology giant, due in April 2010. The HTC HD Mini is a smaller version of the current HTC HD2 Windows Mobile smartphone, and comes packed full of top class technology and features but in a smaller and more stylish form-factor.

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

Joining Nokia and Sony Ericsson in offering smaller versions of top selling handsets, HTC has arguably come out top with a fantastic device packed into a truly mobile, pocket sized case.

The HTC HD Mini will showcase a top notch 3.2 inch touchscreen, a superb 5 megapixel autofocus camera with widescreen technology, 384MB RAM and 512MB of ROM with microSD expandibility, a 600MHz processor and a bagful of other feautes including the usual GPS, Wireless and Bluetooth, music and multimedia and much more.

To view the full specification and more, visit the official HTC Mini page at and keep an eye on the My Telecoms Shop in April.

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Not so 'Incredible' smartphone: the HTC Incredible

The launch of the HTC Incredible is edging closer, with the new HTC smartphone expected to appear on Verizon Wireless network very soon. We show you a sneak peak of the HTC Incredible.

The leaked video shows that it has lost the ugly chin which its uncle the HTC Hero had, whilst maintaining approximately the same size. However, the HTC Incredible has one striking look which makes it look much more attractive than the Hero, and that’s the stylish black and red colour scheme which we much prefer over the plain grey or white ones that we’ve see on the likes of the Hero.

The handset is expected to boast a similar spec to the HTC Desire (also known as the HTC Bravo) but with one big let down; reduced onboard memory. It will have 256MB RAM rather than the 576MB which is used in HTCs other Android smartphone.

So features include Android 2.1 OS, a 1GHz Snapdragon processor, 3.7-inch touchscreen, 5-megapixel camera with flash, and the slick HTC Sense user interface. Admittedly good features, but nothing we haven’t already seen on the HTC HD2, the Samsung Omnia II and others; although if you are a fan of Android OS, then this will be one of the best out there.

This video was embedded using the YouTuber plugin by Roy Tanck. Adobe Flash Player is required to view the video.

We still don’t know when the HTC Incredible will be hitting the UK, but will keep you posted just as soon as we find out.

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Biggest is Best: Samsung Official Electronics Number One

Samsung – the global electronics giant responsible for $118 billion of sales including mobile phones, televisions, kitchen appliances, computer equipment and air conditioning units – has officially made it to the number one spot by being announced as the world’s largest technology company. The title was taken from Hewlett Packard, a huge computing organisation which has already acquired Compaq and expects to acquire networking giant 3Com in early 2010.

Samsung Electronics World Number 1In 2009, Samsung outperformed sales at HP by $3 billion, a figure which is expected to double in 2010, with Samsung predicting $127 billion of sales for the year.

Having struggled in previous quarters due to the long global recession, Samsung has reported fourth quarter profits of $2.7 billion and a total of $8.3 billion for the year.

The main reason for this has been their diverse product portfolio, and the increasing success in the mobile phone and LCD/LED TV markets. Samsung had huge success with the Tocco, Tocco Lite, Jet, Omnia II and Genio mobile phone products in 2009, selling a total of 227 million handsets. The company also sold over 30 million televisions and held a 40 percent market share in global memory chip manufacturing and sales.


Samsung is now also officially ranked second to Nokia in the list of top global mobile phone manufactures, with mobile phone sales expecting to grow significantly in 2010. For a list of the best deals on the best Samsung mobiles, visit our shop now.

Samsung is also expected to ship 35 million LCD TVs this year, as well as 10 million LED TVs and 2 million 3D models.

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Blackberry Bold Gets The Luxury Treatment

Continental Mobiles, a partner of My Telecoms, has stunned us again with their latest example of fine luxury mobile phone tailoring… This time by drenching the Blackberry Bold in a selection of valuable gemstones including diamonds, rubies and emeralds. We have the pictures here and tell you how you can get your hands on one!

So we all know the Blackbeery Bold, right? One of the most popular choices for the mobile professional, this smartphone provides a whole host of advanced features including a telephone, electronic planner, GPS function and digital camera. With EDGE and HSDPA networks, a WiFi chip and a really easy to use QWERTY keyboard, this little handset lets you send and receive emails at any time. No wonder the stars and celebrities are all using it to keep in touch.

Well now, thanks to Continental Mobiles, you can own an even bolder Blackberry Bold which will make you stand out above everyone else around you. Now you can look like a star or celebrity with the ultimate mobile phone!

Here are the pictures of the tailored Blackberry Bold (click to view the full collection):

Blackberry Bold Diamond

Blackberry Bold with Diamonds

Blackberry Bold Ruby

Blackberry Bold with Rubies

Blackberry Bold Emerald

Blackberry Bold with Emeralds

To view more luxury mobile phones in the Continental Mobiles Colletion or to buy the handset of your dreams, click here…

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HTC Introduces Low Cost 'Smart' Phone

HTC has finally announced the introduction of a budget touchscreen handset, which is expected to be available in the UK soon on tariffs from as little as £15 per month.

The HTC Smart becomes the latest addition to the 2010 line-up, which we already know includes the HTC Legend, HTC Salsa, HTC Buzz, HTC Tide and HTC Bravo as well as the three Windows Mobile handsets; the HTC Photon, Trophy and Tera.

The HTC Smart however does not fit neatly into any of the categories with its 2010 peers. As a budget phone, it would make more sense to drop the HTC Smart into the same category as the 2009 HTC Tattoo and the HTC Touch 2 (although one is an Android phone and the other Windows Mobile). In actual fact, the phone almost needs a category of its own because not only because it is cheap, but it runs Qualcomm’s own Brew OS which has not been seen before in the HTC line-up. Brew offers the flexibility to deliver smartphone features across multiple tiers and at affordable prices.

“HTC Smart breaks new ground in delivering the powerful, in-demand smartphone features that consumers want on a more accessible device for global markets,” said Paul Jacobs, chief executive officer, Qualcomm Incorporated. “We are pleased to be supporting HTC as they utilize the capabilities of Qualcomm’s Brew Mobile Platform open operating system to offer high-end capabilities and a compelling mobile user experience at mass-market price points.”

Needless to say therefore that the phone is based on a Qualcomm chipset; a 300MHz ARM based processor to be precise. The phone will also come with 256MB of RAM, 256MB of ROM, a microSD expansion slot and Bluetooth. Most interestingly, for a budget handset, is the inclusion of a 2.8-inch touchscreen display and a 3-megapixel camera (although the camera does not have a flash). The handset is also highly portable at only 108g, and has a 3.5mm audio jack so that you can easily take your music on the move.

The device is made “smart” by integrating HTC Sense – a user friendly and intuitive interface seen previously on other Windows Mobile and Android handsets.

HTC said in a statement that “Adding a touch interface doesn’t mean a phone is a smart phone; the integration of HTC Sense brings an unparallelled smartphone experience for people looking to do more on their phone”.

Some of the more lavish features such as Wi-Fi and GPS are expected to be trimmed back though, but what do you expect for a budget handset?

We say hats off to HTC.

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iPhone Set For Release on Vodafone UK in 2010

Vodafone has announced that it will start selling the iPhone in the UK on January 14th, 2010. The announcement makes Vodafone the latest UK phone network to offer the iPhone, following the lengthy exclusive deal between Apple and O2, and more recently the release of the iPhone 3GS on Orange.

Apple iPhone 3GS
The cheapest tariff will be £30 a month on a 24 month contract, with handset charges ranging from £59 (for the iPhone 3G 8GB) to £239 (for the iPhone 3GS 32GB). O2 and Orange offer fairly similar entry level tariffs – £34.26 and £29.36 respectively – but each comes with a free iPhone. Vodafone has responded with a £35 a month contract over two years, which includes a free iPhone 3GS 8GB handset. You can start to see that they are all ‘much of a muchness’ but the competition over time should hopefully drive the deals down further.

There is to be a 1GB monthly data limit on mobile Web usage with Vodafone, compared with Orange’s fair use policy which is in the region of 750MB per month, and O2’s unlimited data offering. Vodafone has also introduced a charge for customers wishing to use the iPhone as a broadband modem (with prices starting from £5 for 500 MB).

Vodafone will join O2 in offering unlimited Wi-Fi access, whereas Orange include BT Open-Zone Wi-Fi access within their monthly fair usage policy.

In the wake of the US recently suffering from ‘iPhone saturation’, there have been global concerns that mobile networks are struggling to cope with demand as more consumers choose Internet-enabled smartphones such as the iPhone 3GS.

The Chief Executive of Vodafone UK, Guy Laurence, has responded by saying that Vodafone has been preparing its network for more than 12 months for it to be able to accommodate the release of the iPhone.

For the latest iPhone 3GS deals, please click here to visit our Online Mobile Phone Store…

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Top 10 Touchscreen Phones of 2009

2009 was the year of the touchscreen revolution, and so we take a look at the best touch phones from the year gone by in our Top 10 Touchscreen Phones of 2009.

Touchscreen technology is now a must-have feature on mobile phones. Apple were not the first, but they took such a big step that since the 2007 release of the iPhone, we have seen touch phone after touch phone flooding the market.

So how do you know which touchscreen phone is the right one for you? Hopefully that’s where we can help. Our Top 10 Touchscreen Phones of 2009 list is based on three key factors; design, features and value for money. We give you the low-down on each handset, as well as a star rating to help you compare.

If you like one of our top 10 touchscreen phones and want to see more specs or you wish to proceed and buy, simply click on the image or one of the links in the article and you will be taken directly to our store, which is part of Carphone Warehouse, where you can buy securely and in confidence.

So here it is, our list of the Top 10 Touchscreen Phones of 2009…


1. Apple iPhone 3GS

Apple iPhone 3GS

Display 320 x 480 pixels – 3.5 inches
iPhone OS (based on Mac OS)
Processor ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics
Memory Up to 32GB storage and 256MB RAM
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, autofocus
Video VGA@30fps, video geo-tagging
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack out
Dimensions 115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm
Weight 135 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 300h
Talk time: Up to 12h (2G) / 5h (3G)
Music: Up to 30h

A must have accessory for the stylish social networker of today, the Apple iPhone 3GS oozes style, exquisite design, a breathtaking and intuitive user interface, and some really useful features.

Where it lacks in areas such as a top notch camera and battery life, it more than makes up for in stlye, usability, functionality, stability and expandibility. The App Store and iTunes services can be used directly from the phone allowing the user access to millions of music tracks, videos and software applications; plus with Wi-Fi and 3G access to the Internet, this really becomes the ultimate mobile multimedia centre.


2. Nokia N900
Nokia N900

Display 800 x 480 pixels – 3.5 inches
Maemo 5
Processor ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics
Memory 32GB storage and 256MB RAM
Camera 5 MP Carl Zeiss optics, 2592×1944 pixels, dual LED flash, autofocus
Video WVGA@25fps
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack out
Dimensions 110.9 x 59.8 x 18 mm
Weight 181 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 100h
Talk time: Up to 9h (2G) / 5h (3G)

The Nokia N900 offers a powerful mobile Web platform, a huge amount of internal storage, a great 5-megapixel camera with Carl Zeiss optics, and an ultrasharp display. It’s also fast, multitasks well, and has excellent call quality.

However, where it doesn’t beat the iPhone is on it’s user interace. It is slick and eye catching but not as intuitive as Apple’s device. It’s also a little bulky and has access to fewer applications than the iPhone simply because the Ovi Store is not as advanced yet as the App Store.

A superb handset however, worthy of five stars, and due to hit out website on Boxing Day.


3. HTC Touch HD2

HTC Touch HD2

Display 480 x 300 pixels - 4.3 inches
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon QSD2850 1 GHz Processor
Memory 448MB RAM and 512MB ROM plus microSD slot
Camera 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, LED flash, autofocus
Video VGA@30fps
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack out
Dimensions 120.5 x 67 x 11 mm
Weight 157 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 490h
Talk time: Up to 6h 20m (2G) / 5h 40m (3G)
Music: Up to 12h

A must have look good accessory. the HTC Touch HD2 not only boasts style but awesome power through the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 1GHz processor - it wasn’t all that long ago that laptops were boasting 1GHz processors! A truly magnificent 4.3-inch touchscreen with some great added features to improve the user experience, plus a good camera, a microSD expansion and the ability to be used as a Wi-Fi router making this a superb top-end device.

If I had to, I would choose a handset as stylish and as powerful as this, but without Microsoft Windows Mobile. Whilst this handset has the latest Windows OS in 6.5 Professional, I am not convinced that Microsoft has mastered the mobile operating system, which has always historically been buggy and sluggish. However, on the Touch HD2, it’s far from sluggish due to the power under the bonnet but only time will tell on stability. What I do like about Windows Mobile however is software availability and expandability.

The only area we can actually knock the HD2 down below the iPhone and the N900 is battery life. Watching a movie or two or listening to 12 hours of music will result in you having to connect to the mains, although standby and talktime aren’t too bad. However, we could not score this anything less than a five star. Once you hold one, you’ll understand why.


4. Nokia N97

Nokia N97

Display 360 x 640 pixels – 3.5 inches
Symbian OS v9.4 Series 60 Release 5
Processor ARM II 434MHz Processor
Memory 32GB internal storage plus microSD slot and 128MB RAM
Camera 5 MP Carl Zeiss optics, 2592×1944 pixels, dual LED flash, autofocus
Video VGA@30fps
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack out
Dimensions 117.2 x 55.3 x 15.9 mm
Weight 150 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 432h
Talk time: Up to 9h 30m (2G) / 6h (3G)
Music: Up to 40h

Very nearly the last of our five-star handsets, the Nokia N97 was downgraded to a four and a half star when we looked at it against the HTC Touch HD2. It has a good looking touch screen, a great camera with Carl Zeiss optics, a huge amount of internal storage plus a microSD slot for further expandability, and terrific battery life when compared to its competitors.

However, like the N900 it doesn’t beat the iPhone on it’s user interface. This time, it’s the touch screen integration which just isn’t a slick and simple as the iPhone. Once again, there is access to fewer applications than the iPhone from the Ovi Store, plus the N97 still carries a fairly hefty price tag.

Probably superceded since it’s release as a top smartphone by some of its close competitors, but at the time of release this was one of the top handsets around. If I was a Nokia fan looking for a new handset though, I’d probably go with the N900.


5. Sony Ericsson Satio

Sony Ericsson Satio

Display 360 x 640 pixels – 3.5 inches
Symbian Series 60 Release 5
Processor ARM Cortex A8 600Mhz Processor with 3D Graphics
Memory 128MB internal storage plus microSD slot
Camera 12 MP, 4000×3000 pixels, vid LED flash, xenon flash, autofocus, smile detection
Video VGA@30fps
Sound Audio Player with custom headphone socket
Dimensions 112 x 55 x 13 mm
Weight 126 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 340h
Talk time: Up to 4h 30m

The Satio boasts a sharp, responsive touchscreen and is certainly the year’s best camera phone. It’s simple to use, and packed with features plus it looks stylish and is easy to carry around.

Unfortunately though, the Satio falls down on battery life. Talk time and standby time are poor, and using it as a media player is not made simple by both the battery life and the missing 3.5mm headphone jack.


6. Samsung Omnia II

Samsung Omnia 2

Display 400 x 800 pixels – 3.7 inches
OS Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Processor ARM 1176 800Mhz Processor
Memory Up to 16GB internal storage plus microSD slot
Camera 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, dual power LED flash, autofocus
Video 720×480@30fps
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack
Dimensions 118 x 59.6 x 11.9 mm
Weight 117 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 430h
Talk time: Up to 10h

Whilst it’s not the most powerful smartphone on the market, the Samsung Omnia II features an improved user interface and a richer multimedia experience to make it a worthy upgrade over its predecessor. Not quite the same experience as the HTC Touch HD2, but probably still one of the best Windows Mobile devices on the market.


7. Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic

Nokia 5530 Xpressmusic

Display 360 x 640 pixels - 2.9 inches
Symbian OS Series 60 Release 5
Processor ARM II 434MHz Processor
Memory 70 MB internal storage, 128MB RAM plus microSD slot
Camera 3.15 MP Carl Zeiss optics, 2048×1536 pixels, LED flash, autofocus
Video 220×176@16fps
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack
Dimensions 104 x 49 x 13 mm
Weight 107 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 336h
Talk time: Up to 5h
Music: Up to 27h

The Nokia 5530 XpressMusic is significantly cheaper than most other touchscreen handsets on the market. Whilst it’s nowhere near as slick as the iPhone or HTC HD2, we still think it offers a good user experience and grea multimedia features for the price.



8. Blackberry Storm 2

Blackberry 9520 Storm 2

Display 480 x 360 pixels - 3.25 inches
Blackberry OS
Processor Qualcomm 528MHz Processor
Memory 2GB internal storage, 256MB RAM
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, LED flash, autofocus
Video QVGA
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack
Dimensions 112.5 x 62.2 x 14 mm
Weight 160 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 305h
Talk time: Up to 6h

The BlackBerry Storm 2 (9520) from Reseach in Motion adds Wi-Fi, more memory, and an updated operating system that brings a number of feature and user interface enhancements. The revamped SurePress touchscreen allows for more precision, key rollover, and limited multitouch capabilities.

However, BlackBerry browser isn’t on par with the competition. and Whilst improved, the touchscreen still takes some acclimation. Plus, battery life doesn’t stand up to the multimedia test. The main struggle for the Blackberry Storm 2 is going to be the competition.


9. HTC Touch Pro2

HTC Touch Pro2

Display 480 x 800 pixels – 3.6 inches
Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional
Processor Qualcomm 528MHz Processor
Memory 512MB internal storage, 256MB RAM plus microSD card slot
Camera 3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, autofocus
Video VGA
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack
Dimensions 116 x 59.2 x 17.3 mm
Weight 178.5 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 750h
Talk time: Up to 8h 30m

Stlyed like a cross between the Nokia N97 with slide out QWERTY keyboard and the HTC Touch HD2 but without the breathtaking touchscreen, the HTC Touch Pro2 is a practical and attractive handset.

It’s a complete winner on battery life, and has plenty of multimedia features making it the perfect handset to take on the move. However, with the slower processor and the distinct lack of any blow-away features, the Touch Pro2 fails to stand up against the competition and only just creeps into our top ten.


10. HTC Hero

HTC Hero

Display 320 x 480 pixels – 3.2 inches
Android OS v1.5
Processor Qualcomm 528MHz Processor
Memory 512MB internal storage, 288MB RAM plus microSD card slot
Camera 5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, autofocus
Video VGA
Sound Audio Player with 3.5mm jack
Dimensions 112 x 56.2 x 14.4 mm
Weight 135 g
Standard battery – Li-Ion
Standby: Up to 750h
Talk time: Up to 8h

The HTC Hero offers a highly customizable user interface thanks to HTC Sense. It also improves on past Android devices with Outlook e-mail, calendar, and contacts synchronization, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 5-megapixel camera. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and 3G support are all onboard plus battery life is excellent.

However, the smartphone which we feel lacks any style can occasionally be sluggish, and we found that flash content didn’t always work from the Web browser. Application and file management could be better too. There will be more Android phones in 2010, particularly from HTC, and we’d advise that you wait for them instead.

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