Buy me Diamonds and Rubies, I'm crazy about....... iPhones?

If R&B giants Outkast had the chance to rewrite their song “Favourite Things” for Big Brovaz in 2009, the word “Bentleys” would have almost certainly been changed to “iPhones”.

Whilst most of us save our money up to buy the very latest mobile phone, with the most difficult decision for some of us being whether to go for it in pink, black, white or silver; the superstars amongst us are figuring out which colour of precious stones and which type of precious metal they want their phone setting into.

Take global mega star Beyonce for example, who styles herself with the Nokia 8800 Gold. The 8800 itself is a great handset, favoured by celebrities including Matt Damon and Pierce Brosnan. But Beyonce’s however is drenched in 18 carat gold, lined with a neat leather trim, and priced at around a cool £1,000. Expensive… Maybe. Yet it’s probably something the ‘plebs’ amongst us could still see ourselves saving for if we loved Beyonce’s style enough!

But there’s a new and much more expensive and luxurious craze on the streets… iPhone styling!

Continental Mobiles are a provider of bespoke luxury mobile phones to celebrities and style conscious footballer’s wives, and their latest and greatest big sellers include diamond, ruby and sapphire encrusted iPhones; and we’re not just talking about a couple of little diamonds.

We took a quick peek, and these truly are the most stylish and ‘bling’ mobile phones available. Their expert tailors have created a masterpiece here with top quality VS1 diamonds. The most iconic and coveted phone ever conceived, in a tailored coat of black & white diamonds. Blending seamlessly with the 3GS iPhone’s distinctive and graceful curves, the hand-crafted case exudes a sensual confidence and allure that is impossible to resist.

But it doesn’t stop at diamond iPhones. They have all of the top mobiles from other manufactures like Blackberry and Nokia; available in gold, platinum, diamond, sapphire, ruby and emerald finishes.

Using the same traditional methods as many suit tailors in England, their skilled engineers carefully customise each piece in the collection by hand, using state of the art tools. They use 24 carat gold plating in yellow, 18 carat rose gold plating & white Platinum plating. The diamonds are also set by hand precisely, using top quality VVS1 diamond upgrades – the result; a beautiful & timeless piece of art.

Now, all I need to do is find somewhere between £1,000 and £5,000 so that I can buy my wife one for Christmas!

To view the collection, click here…

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