Blackberry Bold Gets The Luxury Treatment

Continental Mobiles, a partner of My Telecoms, has stunned us again with their latest example of fine luxury mobile phone tailoring… This time by drenching the Blackberry Bold in a selection of valuable gemstones including diamonds, rubies and emeralds. We have the pictures here and tell you how you can get your hands on one!

So we all know the Blackbeery Bold, right? One of the most popular choices for the mobile professional, this smartphone provides a whole host of advanced features including a telephone, electronic planner, GPS function and digital camera. With EDGE and HSDPA networks, a WiFi chip and a really easy to use QWERTY keyboard, this little handset lets you send and receive emails at any time. No wonder the stars and celebrities are all using it to keep in touch.

Well now, thanks to Continental Mobiles, you can own an even bolder Blackberry Bold which will make you stand out above everyone else around you. Now you can look like a star or celebrity with the ultimate mobile phone!

Here are the pictures of the tailored Blackberry Bold (click to view the full collection):

Blackberry Bold Diamond

Blackberry Bold with Diamonds

Blackberry Bold Ruby

Blackberry Bold with Rubies

Blackberry Bold Emerald

Blackberry Bold with Emeralds

To view more luxury mobile phones in the Continental Mobiles Colletion or to buy the handset of your dreams, click here…

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