Apple suing Nokia in Battle of the Mobile Titans

Apple has today filed a law suit against the Swedish mobile phone giant Nokia, for infringement of technology patents and copyright.

Apple and Nokia in Legal Battle

Apple entered the mobile phone arena in 2007 off the back of its success with the iPod brand, with the launch of the first generation iPhone. Although at that time Nokia had an enourmous market share and history in the market, Apple took the world by storm with the iPhone and really put a dent in the sales figures of other phone manufacturers.

Since 2007, a battled has raged between Nokia and Apple to satisfy the social networkers and entertainment freaks of today by introducing new social networking features, music download capabilities and multimedia playback facilities.

For example, Nokia has launched the ‘Comes with Music’ and ‘XpressMusic’ products and services with phones such as the 5235 and 5800 respectively. Nokia, along with Microsoft, has also launched an online market place that competes with both iTunes and the App Store, allowing music and video downloads and encouraging application development.

Apple has fought back with two further iPhone releases since 2007, with the latest being the much accredited iPhone 3GS. They have also worked to improve the iTunes and App Store services too.

However, in October this year, Nokia sued Apple on the basis that the iPhone creator had infringed 10 of its patents on wireless data, speech coding, security and encryption, claiming royalties on the near 34 million iPhones sold since 2007.

Apple is now fighting back once again.

In a law suit filed today, Apple has claimed that Nokia is wrongfully using 13 of its patents. The claim aims to prevent Nokia from from further infringement and seeks unspecified damages for technology which is already in the market place.

It is alleged that the Nokia E71, Nokia 5310 and the Nokia N900 all infringe Apple’s patents. Apple has also denied infringing the 10 patents from Nokia’s October claim, stating that that they are invalid patents which should not be enforced.

Apple’s general counsel released a statement claiming that, “…other companies must compete with us by inventing their own technologies, not just by stealing ours”.

Nokia however has responded by saying, “We will need time to study it before we make any direct comment” continuing that the latest law suit, “changes nothing in the fundamentals of the original filing made by Nokia”.

We will see what comes out of it in good time, but between now and then sales of the iPhone, Nokia E71, Nokia 5235 and Nokia N97 continue during the build up to Christmas.

For anyone wishing to follow the legal case, it was filed under “Nokia Corp. v. Apple Inc., 09cv791, U.S. District Court, District of Delaware (Wilmington)”.

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