Biggest is Best: Samsung Official Electronics Number One

Samsung – the global electronics giant responsible for $118 billion of sales including mobile phones, televisions, kitchen appliances, computer equipment and air conditioning units – has officially made it to the number one spot by being announced as the world’s largest technology company. The title was taken from Hewlett Packard, a huge computing organisation which has already acquired Compaq and expects to acquire networking giant 3Com in early 2010.

Samsung Electronics World Number 1In 2009, Samsung outperformed sales at HP by $3 billion, a figure which is expected to double in 2010, with Samsung predicting $127 billion of sales for the year.

Having struggled in previous quarters due to the long global recession, Samsung has reported fourth quarter profits of $2.7 billion and a total of $8.3 billion for the year.

The main reason for this has been their diverse product portfolio, and the increasing success in the mobile phone and LCD/LED TV markets. Samsung had huge success with the Tocco, Tocco Lite, Jet, Omnia II and Genio mobile phone products in 2009, selling a total of 227 million handsets. The company also sold over 30 million televisions and held a 40 percent market share in global memory chip manufacturing and sales.


Samsung is now also officially ranked second to Nokia in the list of top global mobile phone manufactures, with mobile phone sales expecting to grow significantly in 2010. For a list of the best deals on the best Samsung mobiles, visit our shop now.

Samsung is also expected to ship 35 million LCD TVs this year, as well as 10 million LED TVs and 2 million 3D models.

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