Biggest is Best: Samsung Official Electronics Number One

Samsung – the global electronics giant responsible for $118 billion of sales including mobile phones, televisions, kitchen appliances, computer equipment and air conditioning units – has officially made it to the number one spot by being announced as the world’s largest technology company. The title was taken from Hewlett Packard, a huge computing organisation which [...]

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Top 10 Touchscreen Phones of 2009

2009 was the year of the touchscreen revolution, and so we take a look at the best touch phones from the year gone by in our Top 10 Touchscreen Phones of 2009.

Touchscreen technology is now a must-have feature on mobile phones. Apple were not the first, but they took such a big step that since [...]

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Samsung unveils new smartphone, bada

Samsung Mobile has unveiled its latest new smartphone platform, which is being dubbed “bada”.

Bada (a Korean word meaning ocean) will be used to market the platform, which is widely tipped and promised to have richer capabilities and features than ever before, according to Samsung Mobile. TouchWiz, an already popular interface from Samsung, is used to enhance usability [...]

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Samsung Tocco Lite - For Business or Pleasure

The latest touchscreen phone from Samsung, the Tocco Lite, is fast becoming a popular choice for the modern day business person thanks to its hi-tech features and functions. Choose the Samsung Tocco Lite for work and play.

Built with Business in Mind

The Samsung Tocco Lite is the perfect business partner. This light weight phone has a [...]

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Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra – Smart Features

Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra hasn’t been labelled a ‘smartphone’, but let’s take a look into the features that are all pretty smart.

At first introduction, the Samsung S8300 Tocco Ultra is an eye-catcher. Like the lady in red, it will definitely get your attention. Despite it not being a smart phone like its competitors, it still [...]

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